A love letter.



Just in time for Valentines Day, a love letter to my StepDaughter.


Dear Stepdaughter,

I met you when you were a little baby, not even 2 yet!

Your daddy had been very sneaky and invited me over for a “friendly” dinner. When I got to your house there was a married couple, another long term couple, his best friend and a new date. And your dad and I, so obviously I was your dads date that night.

We always laugh about this evening nowadays.  He was very sweet to me that night, and cooked an amazing dinner for us all. I was just wearing a black singlet dress and leather jacket, very casual. Your daddy won’t agree with me on this because he always tells me I was dressed in a sexy, tight dress. Daddy must have really liked my dress because he kept offering me martinis.

Daddy and I worked together beforehand and I had heard many stories about you. I had also seen lots of videos and photos. Daddy knew that I loved kids, especially cute ones like you.

So that night he did another sneaky thing….

Everyone was sitting around the table chatting after dinner,  he went into your bedroom to check on you while you were sleeping, and then he came back with you in his arms. He passed you straight to me for a cuddle! See, sneaky! I always pick on him for this, maybe it was you who won my heart first and not him (it probably was)

Your daddy was going through some hard times and was living with another good friend. Because daddy and I still worked together we went out for dinner and drinks after work all the time and very rarely stayed apart. I like to think that I helped him through this hard time, many of his friends have said I defiantly did. It was so good to see him realise how much of a great man he was and to see him smile.  Getting to know your smart, caring and generous dad was one of the best times of my life.

I really began to like him heaps, and then I fell in love with him. But not just him, you too!

Daddy and I eventually moved into an apartment together and you came to stay at our place on the weekends. You absolutely loved Elmo then, until you discovered Toy Story! We watched and over and over and OVER again. And you had to take your Woody, Buzz, and Jesse toys everywhere!

One of the things I cherish most was when you were just learning to talk. You couldn’t say my name properly, and all you could say was “Me”. Sometimes when you were in your room, or wanted my attention you would call out “Meeeeeeee!”. Everyone thought you were a crazy kid (especially me and daddy!)

Our first together Christmas I bought you a Hot Pink Eletric Hummer! When I was little like you I always wanted one. Daddy thinks I was trying to relive my childhood through you (maybe I was a little) and he secretly thought I was going to try to fit in it. You weren’t a very good driver to start off with, only going around and around in circles and always took your hands off the wheel. But now that your 3 you are getting really good! You do laps and laps around the table but at least now you miss the walls!

We always have heaps of fun when you come over.

Now you’re three and a half, you’re getting so tall and have daddy’s cheeky, crazy laugh. You are my little best friend. You and I have girls days at the pool (you have no fear on the slide!) and love snuggling up on the couch watching girly shows, sometimes even daddy can join us but he gets annoying when he tickles us. We play hide and seek at bathtime, I don’t know why but we make the “Jaws” theme song and then do peek-a-boo with the ducky and elephant puppets.

Daddy brought you a Star Wars light sabar like his for Christmas, and you two have pretend fights with them. You usually win. I think he is trying to make you into a little nerd like him!

We had the best day ever on Fathers Day this year, you and I took pictures for daddy. He has them framed above his computer so he can look at us when we aren’t there. We all went to Mount Mee for lunch that day and after a yummy meal the 3 of us did “rolley polleys” down the big hill. It was such a pretty place and we were all laughing so much! Daddy and I were so dizzy after but it was one of my most cherished moments ever, the 3 of us so happy in a gorgeous place!

I could go on and on with stories but for now I want to thank you for a few things.

Thank you for sharing your daddy with me, I know sometimes it might be hard but you will always be his number one, and I won’t ever interfere with that! You and Daddy are both my number one, us three together are a strong team.

Thank you for (pretending) you like my cooking

Thank you for making me feel like I have my own little family, it makes me so happy when the three of us are all cuddled up.

Thanks for having your daddy’s eyes, crazy laugh and so much of his personality. I hope you grow up with his morals and positive attitude towards life, I’m sure you will.

And, Thankyou for being you. You have taught me a new kind of love. I know I am not blood-related but my love for you is unconditional and will last forever, no matter what happens!

I promise to always smile at you and laugh with you.

To be there whenever you need me.

To try as hard as I can to keep you and your daddy happy and provide you with the care and attention you both need!

And to help teach you how to love unconditionally, to stand for what you believe, recognise your self-worth and follow your dreams.

I hope one day you see this letter and you and I can giggle about the crazy life we have shared.

Lots of love,

Your StepMum